Murray Family Book

I enjoy writing and designing and I am currently compiling a family historical book using programs such as Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I thoroughly enjoy the experience and challenge of learning new programs and delivering satisfying results.


Långholmen FC - Football Club

I am a manager and player for Långholmen Football Club playing both 11 aside and 7 aside throughout the year.

I am also part of the board that discusses the clubs future and planning for each season.


Himalaya's - Trekking

I enjoy walking and trekking and have enjoyed many fantastic climbs through out the world.

Including Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and extensive treks around the Himalaya’s, Asia and Scotland.


Rat Race - OCR

I am an avid runner and gym enthusiast who enjoys the challenge of Obstacle Course Racing.

I have entered into competitions throughout Sweden and United Kingdom, with the most gruelling being the Rat Race that consisted of running 30km while tackling 200 obstacles.